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Selenium Webdriver unable to find the element below. I have tried using name and xpath and none works. I am using ruby (but this doesnt matter) need a way to recognize the below page object

<input name="description" maxlength="128" value="" onmouseover="hoverField(this)"   onmouseout="jjj" onblur="blurField(this)" onfocus="focusField(this)" class="formInputFieldFilled" type="text">
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This works for me, using XPath:


I would hazard a guess it could well be in another IFrame, so double check this.

It could also be a problem of that the element is not visible on the page at the time, so take a look into WebDriverWait:

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Thanks a lot dude, it was a stupid mistake I did. I had another page object before this one but that object was not available on the page. It was failing because of that. You saved me so much time ...thank you – user1262526 May 22 '12 at 19:56

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