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I am trying to get the JSON for the following soundcloud track listing page. http://soundcloud.com/tags/Hiphop

The query I try to perform is http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks.json?order=hotness&limit=20&created_at[from]=2012-05-18&tags=hiphop + consumer key.

All of hte songs on that tags page are less than 3 days old, and I am ordering by hotness. The filters don't seem to work at all. The results of the query and the tags/Hiphop page are not even close. Am I missing something?

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I can't seem to get the filters to work either. They must be down or something. –  mnort9 May 22 '12 at 20:48

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Unfortunately the created_at filter cannot be used with the order parameter. If you'd like to replicate the listing in the URL you provided, just make the following API request:


Or, in JavaScript, assuming you have a ul element with an id 'tracks':

var url = 'https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks.json?client_id=YOUR_CLIENT_ID&tags=Hiphop&order_by=hotness';
$.getJSON(url, function(data) {
    $.each(data, function(index, track) {
        $('<li />', { text: track.title }).appendTo('#tracks');                    
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Hotness is now deprecated :( developers.soundcloud.com/blog/removing-hotness-param –  Phil Hudson Mar 21 at 12:26

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