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I am trying to create/push nuget package through visual studio build process as explained here.

Building package is easy:

<Exec WorkingDirectory="$(ProjectDir)" Command="$(NuGetApp) pack $(ProjectFile) -OutputDirectory $(Deploy) -Verbose -Prop Configuration=Release"/>

I see .nupkg file in $(Deploy) folder.

But to be able to push it, I need $(AssemblyVersion) to use it in :

<Exec Command="$(NuGetApp) push $(ProjectName)$(AssemblyVersion) -s $(NugetServer) $(NugetKey)" />

I tried XMLRead to fetch the value, but value in NugetSpecFile is "$version$" instead of version from AssemblyInfo.cs.

<XmlRead XPath="/package/metadata/version" XmlFileName="$(NuSpecFile)">
      <Output TaskParameter="Value" PropertyName="AssemblyVersion" />

How do I access version so I could use it in "nuget push"?

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This i'll do it:


 <Target Name="RetrieveIdentities">

    <Message Text="Files: %(MyAssemblyIdentities.Version)"/>

Altered from here: MSBuild Task to read version of dll

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