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SOLVED : The latest update solved the problem somehow.

I am experiencing a very odd problem. Whenever I click(tap) the button on my Monodroid app, nothing happens!(I can just hear the tick sound and nothing else).

Let me clarify that things have been going very well before, but today I have been experiencing this unusual problem. Following is the code.



        Button button = FindViewById<Button>(Resource.Id.button1);
        ProgressBar progressbar = FindViewById<progressbar>(Resource.Id.progressbar1);

Now I've tried to fire click event in three following ways,

       button.Click +=new EventHandler(button_Click);

       button.Click +=(sender,e)=> {//stuff;};

       button.Click += delegate {//stuff; };  

In all of the methods, if I update the method (like changing the button's text), it works but if I try to do anything else it doesn't work.

What I've tried that doesn't work in the above mentioned handlers:-

       Toast.MakeText(this, "blabla", ToastLength.Long);

       progressbar.visibility = viewstates.visible   etc

This button click event has been working fine!, even I has one app implementing the above mentioned tasks which worked but upon re-compiling from visual studio and installing the app on device, it didn't work.

Yes!, I have restarted my PC, Android device, made new programs to test the functionality but it didn't work!.

I have tried the above both on an emulator and Android device( Galaxy S2). I have used both Visual Studio and MonoDevelop and I get the same result. Please help, this is a really odd problem. I have never faced such click event handling in years until now.

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"In all of the methods, if I update the method (like changing the button's text), it works but if I try to do anything else it doesn't work." Does this mean that the event is getting triggered but there are simply some things that don't work once it is triggered? –  joates May 23 '12 at 14:26
@joates yes, the above two methods which I have written (Toast, progressbar) don't work. The code was working fine 2 days ago but yesterday something happened. I made new monodroid projects implementing the same functionality but that doesn't work either. I also used MonoDevelop but to no avail. –  wjbjnr May 23 '12 at 19:12

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Solved!, the latest update solved the problem.

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