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I'm building a map kit based app with a map view to display a list of pre-determined locations. I "borrowed" the look and feel of the maps app - the search bar with bookmarks list on top, the zoom to user location button in bottom left, the peel corner to reveal map type controls in bottom right.

To display a route to the map annotation, I'm opening the native maps app to plot the route.

Is this kind of "maps app" like look and feel of the maps app encouraged, or am I violating some clause ? I have not seen anything map specific in the app store review guidelines, but would like to make sure that I wont have any review trouble with my maps app.

Thank you for your input!

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From the Location Awareness Programming Guide:

Important The Map Kit framework uses Google services to provide map data. Use of the framework and its associated interfaces binds you to the Google Maps/Google Earth API terms of service. You can find these terms of service at http://code.google.com/apis/maps/iphone/terms.html.

In my experience, what you're doing is just fine as long as you don't obscure the google logo at the bottom of the map.

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What does your app do? If all it does is let users search places and get directions to them, then yeah you're blatantly ripping off the built-in app. But if this is a small part of your app, and it does a bunch of other things with original UI, then sure - why not present the user with a familiar UI paradigm? It all depends on what your app does, and how much of it you're copying from other apps, and for what scenarios.

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Thank you! The map feature is just a small part of the app, so I guess it's fine to present a familiar interface –  Alex Stone May 30 '12 at 12:06

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