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I'm using the Microsoft Solver Foundation add-in in Excel to maintain all model inputs to the solver. What I would like todo is get all of these inputs from the solver instance and store them in a SQL server database.

Does anyone know how I can get the current instance of the solver foundation within VBA code so I can extract all inputs from the model?

To extend on this, I've tried to use the following code snippet:

Sub CallSolve()
    ' Get the MSFForExcel COM object
    Dim oAddin As COMAddIn
    Dim oCOMFuncs As Object
    Set oAddin = Application.COMAddIns("MicrosoftSolverFoundationForExcel")
    Set oCOMFuncs = oAddin.Object

    ' Solve

End Sub

But this hasn't given me much luck as an exception is thrown when oAddin.Object is referenced.

Looking at the following forum post, it may appear what I'm trying todo isn't possible??

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