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As a novice device developer working on a inherited Adnroid project, I am wondering if its style of storing widgets in instance fields is a good practice.

The way this program is written, the Activity.onCreate , after calling setContentView, calls findViewById for each widget and assigns it instance fields. In other methods it calls getText, setEnabled, etc.

Is this considered best practice in the Android world? I mean leaning towards calling findViewById when needed, but wanted to find out how it is typically done.

Any good resources of well-written Android Apps (as against tutorials)?

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Calling findViewById could seem faster (I think it is just a placebo). I call it just once, from onCreate and assign it to either fields or local variables, depending on the situation. I think the reason for calling findViewById just once is because it is less verbose than executing that method every time it is needed.

Also, that's the way it is usually done. Just take a look at apps like the iosched app (which is written by Android engineers at Google) and you will see it how things are usually done by the most experienced developers.

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