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I'm trying to follow a mysql tutorial from The New Boston on youtube. However, I have a problem with the sql panel in phpmyadmin interprets text in quotes as columns. In my version of phpMyadmin, (Server version: 5.1.55,Protocol version: 10,MySQL client version: 5.1.55)I did not see a way to turn this off. Please see images from this link http://leobee.com/android/push/phpmyadminerrors.html

In phpMyAdmin columns can have quotes or be without quotes in sql queries: See Image 1 and Image 2

The error 1054 unknown column for the name of a city (which is a string):
See Image 3

I get an error 1064 error in syntax when I escape the string: See Image 4

I also get and error when the quotes are removed from around the string for the city (which is correct).

The error log says it's a syntax error, but it is not. How do I get the application to use quotes only for strings?

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In image 3 you are using back-ticks, not single quotes. In image 4, you are trying to escape a quote. Try: SELECT city FROM customers WHERE city='Raleigh' –  Tim Withers May 22 '12 at 23:56

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PhpMyAdmin, like MySQL uses both quotes and back-ticks. Both are different and shouldn't be used interchangeably.

Back-ticks are used for columns or tables:

SELECT * FROM `customers`
SELECT `city` FROM `customers`

Using a single quote will throw an error:

SELECT * FROM 'customers'
SELECT 'city' FROM 'customers'

Single quotes should be used for strings. Any additional quotes inside should be properly escaped:

SELECT * FROM `customers` WHERE `city`='Raleigh'
SELECT city FROM customers WHERE city='Lee\'s Summit'

Improperly escaping quotes will throw an error:

SELECT * FROM `customers` WHERE `city`=\'Raleigh\'
SELECT city FROM customers WHERE city='Lee's Summit'   

Hope that helps!

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I've tested out the suggestions above and I am still having problems with this issue. Please see this screencast:link @Tim Withers –  Leoa May 23 '12 at 2:24
That is very odd. I don't have any of those issues. It looks like it is auto-escaping quotes. I don't know if that is PhpMyAdmin or PHP/Apache that is doing that. Sorry. –  Tim Withers May 23 '12 at 2:40

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