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I'm storing files in a local documents directory, separated by folders. Is there an easy way for me to get the file size of the contents of the documents directory and all subdirectories on an iPhone?

I can manually iterate over folders and keep adding file size, but I'm hoping there's something cleaner and more efficient.

Thank you !

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Calculating the size that a directory takes up on disk is actually a little more involved. Find out how to in this answer to a similar question. – Nikolai Ruhe Feb 23 '15 at 8:45
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You can recursively go over all folders and get the size. Like this:

+(NSUInteger)getDirectoryFileSize:(NSURL *)directoryUrl
    NSUInteger result = 0;
    NSArray *properties = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: NSURLLocalizedNameKey,
                           NSURLCreationDateKey, NSURLLocalizedTypeDescriptionKey, nil];

    NSArray *array = [[NSFileManager defaultManager]

    for (NSURL *fileSystemItem in array) {
        BOOL directory = NO;
        [[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:[fileSystemItem path] isDirectory:&directory];
        if (!directory) {
            result += [[[[NSFileManager defaultManager] attributesOfItemAtPath:[fileSystemItem path] error:nil] objectForKey:NSFileSize] unsignedIntegerValue];
        else {
            result += [CacheManager getDirectoryFileSize:fileSystemItem];

    return result;
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The approach and efficiency vary depends on the iOS version. For iOS 4.0 and later you can make a category on NSFileManager with something like this:

- (unsigned long long)contentSizeOfDirectoryAtURL:(NSURL *)directoryURL
    unsigned long long contentSize = 0;
    NSDirectoryEnumerator *enumerator = [self enumeratorAtURL:directoryURL includingPropertiesForKeys:[NSArray arrayWithObject:NSURLFileSizeKey] options:NSDirectoryEnumerationSkipsHiddenFiles errorHandler:NULL];
    NSNumber *value = nil;
    for (NSURL *itemURL in enumerator) {
        if ([itemURL getResourceValue:&value forKey:NSURLFileSizeKey error:NULL]) {
            contentSize += value.unsignedLongLongValue;
    return contentSize;
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