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My app is for a specific range of people, and not everyone is intent to have access, so after they register, need to provide a specific key to get fully access. So we are going to provide this key and it also needs to be unique.

My app is free, so Application Licensing from Google play may not work.

Maybe I can get Android-ID, send it to my server, send it to people by email, they will put in a editbox and then I create a case to validate the code, its gonna work?

or maybe I generate my own code and put the app to validate the code over internet service?

Any better idea or library that already exist?

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I think the easiest and more controllable way is to generate key, key should be signed by some magic word and can be generated based on MAC address of WiFi module of the device. Then how you described, send this key, you can validate it by your magic word and get MAC address back. Then generate with some private key new key based on the MAC, and send it to people. In your application you already know private key and MAC, and you can simple check income key: just generate new one with private key and MAC and compare them.

Of course each system can be broken, but for most people it's very secure.

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Thanks for the comment, It could be a solution, I just dont know how to generate a key based in MAC address, have you the code to get it in Android? –  Marckaraujo May 23 '12 at 3:11
just found this, It may be possible to retrieve a Mac address from a device’s WiFi or Bluetooth hardware. We do not recommend using this as a unique identifier. To start with, not all devices have WiFi. Also, if the WiFi is not turned on, the hardware may not report the Mac address. So its not gonna work. –  Marckaraujo May 23 '12 at 4:14

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