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$('.news-wrap').mouseenter(function(event) {
    $(window).mousewheel(function(event) {

Window scrolling is disabled, each I leave the element. How can I enable scrolling with mouseleave event?

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Like this?

$('#abs').bind('mousewheel DOMMouseScroll', function(e) {
    var scrollTo = null;
    if (e.type == 'mousewheel') {
        scrollTo = (e.originalEvent.wheelDelta * -1);
    } else if (e.type == 'DOMMouseScroll') {
        scrollTo = 1000 * e.originalEvent.detail;

    if (scrollTo) {
        $(this).scrollTop(scrollTo + $(this).scrollTop());
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It's working! Thanks! –  Taras Kudrych May 23 '12 at 2:44

I've written a jQuery plugin to handle this: $.disablescroll.

It stops scrolling from mousewheel, touchmove, and buttons such as Page Down.

$('.news-wrap').mouseenter(function() {


}).mouseleave(function() {



Hope someone finds this helpful.

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