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I'm deploying sample Zend apps on Zend server, following official tutorials. No matter what I deploy the only thing that I can access is the hello world page (Hello world says hello).

How can I access real application?

host/address/public and host/address/index.php or other permutations don't work...

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Are you using Zend Studio to deploy or are you deploying through Zend Server by uploading a zpk, or none of the above? – Josh Stuart May 23 '12 at 0:40
I'm deploying through Zend Server by uploading zpk – user1411433 May 23 '12 at 0:57

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When you create your zpk file with Zend Studio there is a deployment.xml file that specifies some vhost settings as well as various other dependencies and triggers.

If you double click this file within Zend Studio you will be presented with a gui that helps you create this file.

The two fields of importance to this question are "Application directory" and "Document Root". If you have a Zend Framework application the most likely settings for this are:

  • Application Directory: data
  • Document Root (main public directory): data/public

The document root is the most important part as it defines the directory where apache executes the first file.

You then export the project into a zpk and upload that within Zend Server.

Once uploaded you will be presented with a "Set Installation Details" screen. There you will define the virtual host directory name.

For a simple deployment to your localhost or your server IP you can have the following:

  • Display Name: Address App
  • Virtual Host: Default
  • Path: address

This will then deploy your application to: http://localhost/address or http://192.168.0.*/address

You can also deploy it with a url eg:

  • Display Name: Address App
  • Virtual Host: click "add new" then enter the url eg.
  • Path: leave blank

This will then deploy your application to: IF you are not deploying to a live site you can fake the url by entering a record in your hosts file

Alternatively, I started writing a blog post a while ago on how to deploy to Zend Server in a VM. This does everything automatically so you dont have to rely on exporting and importing. Here is the work in progress of the post:

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