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So, I'm quite flummoxed by this one. Please help if you can.

Let's say I pull from the Facebook Graph API for the following user:

I get:

   "id": "657563147",
   "name": "Zeeshan Ahmad",
   "first_name": "Zeeshan",
   "last_name": "Ahmad",
   "link": "",
   "username": "zeeshan949",
   "gender": "male",
   "locale": "en_US"

But ... if I'm logged out of Facebook and go to his profile I see all his interests. Even if I'm logged out.

Am I missing something basic with the Graph API? What gives? How do I access all the other data?

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That's intended behavior, not all user data (even public) available via API without approval of user (or sometimes his friend) by granting permissions to access specific information.

See documentation for user object and permissions documentation.

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