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I have two git log aliases set up: one to show --name-status:

| A   path/to/yourfile.c
| M   path/to/myfile.c
| M   path/to/my/otherfile.c

and one to show --stat:

|  path/to/yourfile.c          |    2 ++
|  path/to/myfile.c            |    2 +-
|  path/to/my/otherfile.c      |   27 +++++-----

Is it possible to combine the two?

| A   path/to/yourfile.c          |    2 ++
| M   path/to/myfile.c            |    2 +-
| M   path/to/my/otherfile.c      |   27 +++++-----

I love the --stat overview, but it doesn't tell me if files were added or removed; just that they were modified in some way.

(When the two command-line flags are combined, --stat is ignored.)

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I don't know of a way to combine --stat and --name-status, but you can use git log --stat --summary to get a list of added/removed/renamed/copied files in addition to the diffstat.

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I had a similar idea for git status and git diff --stat. Someone helped me come up with:

git status | sed -e "$(git diff --stat | sed -e 's#/#\\/#g' | awk '/\|/ {print "s/" $1 "/" $0 "/;"}')"

I tried to replace it with your git log commands but they are too long (due to it being paged). If you shorten your log with -n5 (only show the last 5 commits) it's a good start

git log --name-only -n5| sed -e "$(git log --stat -n5 | sed -e 's#/#\\/#g' | awk '/\|/ {print "s/" $1 "/" $0 "/;"}')"
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