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I'm using mobylette gem to manage :mobile format views. Seems to be working fine except for this:

I have a controller that renders a javascript file (/app/views/photos/index.js.erb).

class Photos < ApplicationController
  respond_to :js
  def index 

If I access from the desktop to /photos or /photos.js seems to be working fine (I see the .js output) but If I access from a mobile device Im getting the following error

Template is Missing
Missing template photos/index, application/index with locale {:locale => [:en], :formats => [:mobile], :handlers => [:erg,:coffee,:haml]}. Searched in: *"/Users/user/site/app/views" * "/Users/user/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290/gems/devise-1.5.2/app/views" * "/Users/user/site/app/views"

I have the following code in application_controller.rb

before_filter :set_request_format, :set_format_fallbacks

def set_request_format
  if is_mobile_request? && request.format.to_s == "text/html"
      request.format = :mobile
  elsif is_mobile_request? && request.format.to_s == "text/javascript"
      request.format = :mobilejs

def set_format_fallbacks
  if request.format == :mobile
    self.formats = [:mobile, :html]
  elsif request.format == :mobilejs
    self.formats = [:mobilejs, :js]

And this in /config/initializers/mime_types.rb

Mime::Type.register_alias "text/html", :mobile
Mime::Type.register_alias "text/javascript", :mobilejs

For some reason the [:mobile] format is still being rendered when it should be :js instead (since :mobilesjs is not present).

Any idea how to get this working?

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Did you manage to fix it? Could you please explain how? I'm having exactly the same problem. –  Pod Sep 12 '12 at 12:25

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It change to

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Welcome to Stack Overflow! Your answer is unclear and lacking detail. What's removing the .js and why? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? How should OP resolve it. An answer should do its best to provide an explanation and solution, not just some relevant information. –  SuperBiasedMan 1 hour ago

Maybe not the prettiest of solutions, but I did not find a mobylette-supported way to do it either. I used a similar way, but could not use 'request.format' in your before_filter, I had to use 'request.filtered_parameters["format"]' instead. Still looking for the pretty version.

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