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I have been trying for hours to fix this issue, I recently purchased IP.Nexus, an add-on to the Invision Power Board forum software(it is a shop front for the forum). There are two versions I may download, Zendguard locked, and Ioncube locked. I tried both, and I tried download the proper versions of both loaders. Little did I know that ioncube did not work on 64-bit computers, and soon after figured out that Zendguard does not work on PHP server with thread safety enabled!

Question is, how do I change the PHP version on wamp? I understand that they have add ons to downgrade or upgrade but I believe that all of them are thread-safety enabled. I want to continue using wamp since I don't know how to use a different webserver. Thanks a bunch!!

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As a note: wamp is not a webserver, you are using apache as your web server, wamp is just bundling the web stack altogether (+mysql +php). Don't confuse the term :) –  SiGanteng May 23 '12 at 2:07
Just goes to show how much I don't know about this stuff. Still learning, thanks. –  Miasmic May 23 '12 at 2:22
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