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I have a link being echoed in PHP that loads a page (p.php....) as well as calls a javascript function setYSession() onclick. The problem is the javascript function isn't able to finish before the href link is executed and the page redirects to p.php. Is there anyway to ensure that the javascript function has finished before the href link is executed? I want to avoid using window.open or anything else that redirects the page using javascript if possible.

You will notice that I have an alert that is commented out in the javascript function, if I uncomment it, the function is able to complete, however, I obviously don't want an alert popup to actually take place.

Here is the link:

echo "<a href='p.php?p=$randString&s=$postCat' onclick='setYSession();'>";

Here is the javascript function that can't finish in time:

function setYSession() {

    var YposValue = window.pageYOffset;
    $.get('yPosSession.php?yValue=' + YposValue);
    return false;

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any particular reason why you'd like to avoid using .open.. ? –  SiGanteng May 23 '12 at 2:03
I tried using it on my android device and when I clicked back it was giving me problems... basically it was going back 2 pages instead of 1 for some reason. –  user1399694 May 23 '12 at 2:12
hm ok, are you aware of this: stackoverflow.com/questions/1865837/… ? –  SiGanteng May 23 '12 at 2:13
I was not! Thanks for the heads up! –  user1399694 May 23 '12 at 2:56

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Try changing the onclick to return the result of your function:

echo "<a href='p.php?p=$randString&s=$postCat' onclick='return setYSession();'>";

Or explicitly return false:

echo "<a href='p.php?p=$randString&s=$postCat' onclick='setYSession();return false'>";

Given that your function returns false, either way will stop the default event behaviour, i.e., it will stop the link navigating at all. Then within your function you can add code to do the navigation after your Ajax finishes:

function setYSession() {    
    var YposValue = window.pageYOffset;
    $.get('yPosSession.php?yValue=' + YposValue, function() {
       window.location.href = 'p.php?p=$randString&s=$postCat';

    return false;    

Ideally, especially since you seem to be using jQuery for the $.get(), I'd remove the inline onclick and do something like this:

echo "<a href='p.php?p=$randString&s=$postCat' id='myLink'>";

$("#myLink").click(function() {
    var YposValue = window.pageYOffset,
        myHref = this.href;
    $.get('yPosSession.php?yValue=' + YposValue, function() {
       window.location.href = myHref;

    return false;
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Went with your 2nd to last recommendation and it works like a charm! –  user1399694 May 23 '12 at 2:57
Thanks a lot for the help! –  user1399694 May 23 '12 at 2:57
After implementing behaviors like this, you may get stuck with the same problem I did: your control+click won't work. You're breaking standard browser behavior, and you'll regret that later on. –  Spork Jan 28 at 15:13

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