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I have this section of code to display some records from a MySql db on a page in chunks of 15 records. The following code gives a little drop down menu with Page number and when you select a number, it takes you to that set of records:

<select id="mynav" class="span2" style="width:50%" autocomplete="off">
    echo '<option value="'.$i.'"';
        if ($i==1)
            echo ' selected=""';
            echo '>Page '.$i.'</option>';


What I'd would like to do is to convert the drop down menu into a horizontal paginated list, something like this:

1 2 3 4 5 ....

such that if a user clicks on 3, it will display Page 3.

I tried to convert it to a button but it does not seem to work.

   for($i=1;$i<($myTotal/15)+1;$i+) {
      echo '<button id="mynav" class="btn" style="width:20%">'.$i.'</button>';

Any ideas?

If this gets going, my next step would be to make it such that it only shows 3 page numbers, so for example, if you are on page 4, it should show "3 4 5". I don't know how to get the current page number. If I could do that, I could display i-1, i, and i+1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've been on this for a week but am stuck.


[EDIT: New addition from here on] Adding more based on the questions asked below. The id="mynav" in the is Ajax which works like this:


The fadeOutItems() function is simply loading some records into an array and displaying it by calling another function fadeInItems().

When you select an item from the drop down menu, the "mynav.change()" gets called which is what displays the page.

fadeOutItems() is defined as:

function fadeOutItems(Callback) {
    interval = setInterval(fadeOut, 100, Callback);

fadeInItems is simply this:

function fadeInItems() {
    if (items.length)
        interval = setInterval(fadeIn, 100);

loadItemsArray is this:

function loadItemsArray() {
    items = [];

The load() actually does the html part:

function load() {
        url     :  "myfile.php",
        type    :  "post",
        dataType:  "json",
        data    : {
           page : page


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How can dropdown change the record? And why is button does not seem to work? –  bitoshi.n May 23 '12 at 2:12
You'll have to add more detail on the client-side code and how the interaction is meant to happen. i.e. is it handled via a form post? Is there javascript involved? –  Jim Thomas May 23 '12 at 2:26
Sorry, I wasn't sure whether to inundate the post with lots of code. The dropdown works because there is Css, Ajax, and Javascript involved. Sorry I am finding it problematic posting it here in the comment. I will edit the original post in a few minutes –  Kirk V May 23 '12 at 15:48

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