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I have created 2 forms (Parent & Child), i want to store the unique textbox value to a variable into the parent form.

Also like this:

Parent Code:

dim passed_value = new childform()

On close:

refresh passed_value variable using childform textbox value.

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You can Do the Following to accomplish the Task :

  • Declare a String variable in the child form.
    Public value As String
  • Use ShowDialog() in the Main Form to show the Child form.
    Dim frm As New Form2
  • [Set the value in your form as per your needs]
    value = "New Value"
  • Now get the value variable from the Child form and set the textbox text according to it.
    TextBox1.Text = frm.value
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Thanks, your answer helped me alot :) –  John Nuñez May 23 '12 at 5:54

I would make it a property and give it the necessary access, which to me looks to be ReadOnly.

Private _myValue As DataType

Public ReadOnly Property MyValue() As DataType
    Return _myValue
End Get

You could access it as such: myForm.MyValue.

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