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In android , Handler can be used to post / handle message, if I don't use a HandlerThread (pass its Looper to Handler), does that mean in this case Handler use MainThread (UI Thread) 's Looper ?

What result will get if Handler uses MainThread's Looper ? May cause mainThread blocked ?

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If you want a background thread, use AsyncTask much easier to deal with. – Christopher Perry Apr 14 '13 at 4:00

You would use HandlerThread in case that you want to perform background tasks one at a time and you want that those tasks will run at the order of execution.

For example if you want to make several network background operations one by one.

Yes, the HandlerThread has it's own looper and handlers could be created and post it, (so it would not block the main thread).

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As Doc says :

Handy class for starting a new thread that has a looper.
The looper can then be used to create handler classes.
Note that start() must still be called.

HanderThread class inherits from the Thread class, which encapsulates the Looper object, so that we do not care The Looper open and release details. Like in case of normal thread we need to use Looper.prepare() and Looper.loop() to convert it as a LooperThread.

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Normal way to use HandlerThread like this:

HandlerThread thread = new HandlerThread("A Handler Thread");
Handler handler = new Handler(thread.getLooper()){
    public void handleMessage(Message msg) 

Because HandlerThread can create a Looper for Handler, it is a kind of convenient way.

When you create a new Handler, it is bound to the thread / message queue of the thread that is creating it -- see official docs...

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HandlerThread is useful when you want to execute a lot of background tasks, since it has its own looper. Normally if you post a message to a Handler it uses the MainThread's looper. This means that that the task is executed on the UI Thread. But in the case of HandlerThread, these tasks are executed on the worker thread. You can find a more detailed explanation here: https://medium.com/@swechhaprakash/understanding-handlerthreads-on-android-b7b842ab5cc4#.xeqevo33o

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