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My goal is this:

Suppose that a random number r is generated every second. I would like to write an application (preferably in C# though if a language where this is easier is suggested I'll choose that) so that the application prints r every second to the text field selected by the user at that instant.

Here is a use case: a user is running 3 applications in win7 64 bit, the applications are: notepad, chrome browser, and mspaint. The user selects mspaint through alt-tab and clicks on the text box tool. He creates a textbox on the screen and clicks on it so that the cursor is in the text box. During this process 5 seconds pass and the application has generated 5 random numbers, since the cursor was never located in a text field nothing was printed. The instant the cursor is in the text field a second has passed, and a new number is generated. This number prints to the text box. The user keeps the cursor in the text box, another second passes and the new random number will overwrite the previous random number (and anything else in the text field) with the new random number. If the user switches the cursor position to the url selection portion of chrome similar behavior should be exhibited. Similarly with the search field of inside chrome, and again in notepad. If the cursor were in notepad for 3 seconds then every second the full textbox inside notepad would be replaced with a random number, at the end of the 3 seconds only the last random number will be in notepad.

In short: I want to be able to overwrite any text field selected by a user in win7.

Any help ?

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Here is an example of something very similar:… – Eric Dahlvang May 23 '12 at 4:06
Thank you Eric. – darkhipo May 23 '12 at 5:20

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