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I have tried quite a few things but I still don't know how can I populate a select field in Django. The following example, adds a dictionary with a select field with a name='tags' attribute.

data = {}
for tag in tags:
  data['tags'] = tag.name
form = Form(initial=data)

As it is expected, the loop is overwriting the key 'tags', so it only prevails the last value (and indeed, the form shows the last value). I expected that maybe passing a list would work:

data = {}
l = []
for tag in tags:
data['tags'] = l
form = Form(initial=data)

But in this case, it just doesn't work.

As you can imagine, I'm using a form similar to this:

class NewTopicForm(forms.Form):
  ... some fields
  tags = ChoiceField(

What is the correct way to populate a form with a select field when I need to add several values?.



I tried the following in accordance with this post:

data = {'tags': tags.values_list('name',flat=True) }

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Am I missing something?.

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It seems that you want MultipleChoiceField if you want the initial values to be a list.

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Beautiful. I had to change it to tags = forms.MultipleChoiceField( widget=forms.SelectMultiple(attrs={ // some attributes }), choices=TAGS_CHOICES), but that worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!. –  Robert Smith May 23 '12 at 5:26

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