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I have a users model that can have many holidays through a rich join table.. My destroy statement on my view is deleting from the holidays table and NOT the user_holidays table as it should.. see below:

class HolidaysController < ApplicationController
  def destroy 
  @user = User.find(params[:user_id]) 
  @user_holiday = @user.holidays.find(params[:id]) 
  redirect_to @user 

Heres the view button:

<% @user.holidays.each do |hld| %>
                  <td><%= hld.name %></td>
                  <td><%= hld.date %></td>
                    <%= button_to('Destroy', user_holiday_path(@user, hld), :method => 'delete', :class => 'btn btn-large btn-primary') %>


class User < ActiveRecord::Base 
has_many :user_holidays 
has_many :holidays, :through => :user_holidays

class UserHoliday < ActiveRecord::Base 
attr_accessible :holiday_id, :user_id 
belongs_to :user 
belongs_to :holiday 

class Holiday < ActiveRecord::Base 
attr_accessible :name, :date 
has_many :user_holidays 
has_many :users, :through => :user_holidays 

Any ideas? Thanks!!!!

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You should use @user.user_holidays instead of @user.holidays

@user_holiday = @user.user_holidays.where(holiday_id: params[:id])
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(my bad didn't read you question properly)

 @user = User.find(params[:user_id]) 
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