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There is a textbox that being autocompleted on load. Suppose that it is a email textboxl

    $(document).ready(function () {

        var email = $("#txtEmail").text();


I try to get the value by this code, but it always return null. how to get that email value being autocomplted ?

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var email = $("#txtEmail").val()

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You use .val() for that:

var email = $("#txtEmail").val();
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you can use if only one input type this link other wise use $("id of emial field").val(); if you have only one input type on your page you can use:

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For retrieving value from a input field like textarea, text you have to use val() and for getting value form a regular html tag like label, span, h1, h2 etc you have to use text()

$('#input_textarea').val(); //right way
$('#input_textarea').text(); // wrong way.returns null

$('#regular_html_tag').text(); // right way
$('#regular_html_tag').val(); // wrong way.It returtns NaN (not a number)
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Check Demo .. i think this is what you actually want


check one more demo

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