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I am developing an iPhone application in it I am having around 15 arrays and 15 more array which has value in it corresponding to the value in array e.g. NSArray *XYZ = {a,b,c,d} and array NSArray *ABC = {w,x,y,z} such that value 'a' corresponds to 'x' .Can comebody tell me what is the best way to follow MVC in this scenario like I have to make function (returning array) for each array in another class or should I make class for every array.

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So far, you've just described a data structure, not an object. An object has behavior. Before determining where in the MVC triumvirate your object fits, it is necessary that you describe its behavior. – Jay O'Conor May 23 '12 at 5:01
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I would write all your business logic as classes with those arrays in a MODEL file, access those classes from the CONTROLLER file. And then once you have all your data, access from the CONTROLLER the VIEW file to output. Inside the MODEL write functions for those arrays so that you can reuse them, if they vary they may need own functions. This is a helpful link: and those videos give you a taste of the logic behind MVC:

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