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Looking to incorporate a date filter within a Solr Index View. Presently the only option is for the user to manually enter a text date to filter by date. It would be nice to expose a date filter and search by M/d/Y using the 'Between' function which is available in the 'Content' View. Creating a 'Solr Index' View seems to remove that functionality.

I noticed that the Between operator is missing from handler_filter.inc within the Search API module:

public function operator_options() {
    return array(
      '<' => t('Is smaller than'),
      '<=' => t('Is smaller than or equal to'),
      '=' => t('Is equal to'),
      '<>' => t('Is not equal to'),
      '>=' => t('Is greater than or equal to'),
      '>' => t('Is greater than'),

What other code would we need to modify in order to get a more user-friendly date filter available for the user to query?

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I have a same issue,did you find a solution for this? –  sokratis Oct 31 '13 at 10:24

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You can use something like that:

$or = $query->createFilter('AND');
$or->condition('created', $start_date, '>=');
$or->condition('created', $end_date, '<=');

in hook_search_api_query_alter.

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This is impossible to do. But Good Luck finding a work-around!

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