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I have Created a new android project from existing source(ActionBarSherlock library) with API 15. I added this library to my project(Project properties -> android -> library-> add ->com_actionbarsherlock ->apply ->ok).But When I again see (Project properties -> android -> library->) com_actionbarsherlock is showing red color cross.So, I am unable to import the library classes.I am really struggling with this. I have attached two screen shots Screen Shot When I add library and Screen Shot After library is added. Any help would be appreciate.Screen Shot When I add library Screen Shot After library is added

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If you are using ActionBarSherlock v4.0 or above, you need to build your project against API 15.

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Hi I tried this, but of no use –  Prabhu M May 23 '12 at 6:03
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I got answer and explaination from this link

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