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I m using Jboss ESB for my application. I want to implement ESB that listen the input folders which are dynamically created and when the file comes do the business logic. I have paced a problem at creating the dynamic input folders for esb . I'm using following codes for configure the file system provider.


if you have sn idea please reply me.

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The directory attribute in the configuration file doesn't actually cause a directory to be created in your file system, so it's not "dynamic". JBoss ESB assumes that this directory has already been created. If you attempt to deploy an fs-provider whose directory doesn't exist, you will get a deployment error.

To configure your fs-provider with multiple directories, simply add another <fs-bus> to your provider's configuration.

    <fs-provider name="MyFSProvider">
        <fs-bus busid="fileChannel1">
            <fs-message-filter directory="C:\fileIngestion\test1"
                error-delete="false" error-directory="C:\fileIngestion\error"
                input-suffix=".txt" post-delete="false" post-directory="C:\fileIngestion\complete" />

        <fs-bus busid="fileChannel2">
            <fs-message-filter directory="C:\fileIngestion\test2"
                error-delete="false" error-directory="C:\fileIngestion\error"
                input-suffix=".txt" post-delete="false" post-directory="C:\fileIngestion\complete" />
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Hi Can I point the <fs-message-filter directory in to parent directory and make the fs-provider listen on child directories. – Niroshan Abayakoon Jun 19 '12 at 8:33
No. The only point at which you configure the directory is in the fs-message-filter. JBoss ESB will poll only that particular directory and not the child directories. – beeler78 Jun 19 '12 at 17:22
Thanks, Can you suggest any way to listen set of folders (number of folders change time to time ) . – Niroshan Abayakoon Jun 25 '12 at 5:55

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