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i have an application where i have a pickerview .In that picker i am displaying values from 1 to 100.When i select a value in picker say 2 that value is displayed in a textfield.I want that if my textfield contains value say 5 that value particular value should get displayed in my picker.Now problem is when in texfield 5 is displayed and i go to pickerview it shows by default everytime 1 selected irrespective of the value in the texfield .I want the value which is present in the textfield should get displayed on the pickerview also .Please help me in solving this problem.Thanks

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Use below code it will help you

[picker selectRow:[yourTxtObj.text intValue]-1 inComponent:0 animated:YES];
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Thanks,this is working properly –  Rani May 23 '12 at 6:51
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[yourPickerViewName selectRow:[textfield.text intValue] inComponent:yourComponent animated:YES]

This will work. It is used for select a row in picker.

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