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I want to detect the position of the mouse in the holder div when it moves. However, when I move my mose over SVG elements within the holder div it will take the relative position to the this element and not the holder div. Anyone an idea how I can prevent this? Below see the code I used:

var R = Raphael("holder", canw, canh);

$('#holder').mousemove(function (event){
      position = getPosition(event);
      console.log(position.x+" - "+position.y);

function getPosition(e) {
    //this section is from http://www.quirksmode.org/js/events_properties.html
    var targ;
    if (!e)
        e = window.event;
    if (e.target)
        targ = e.target;
    else if (e.srcElement)
        targ = e.srcElement;
    if (targ.nodeType == 3) // defeat Safari bug
        targ = targ.parentNode;
    // jQuery normalizes the pageX and pageY
    // pageX,Y are the mouse positions relative to the document
    // offset() returns the position of the element relative to the document
    var x = e.pageX - $(targ).offset().left;
    var y = e.pageY - $(targ).offset().top;
    return {"x": x, "y": y};

<div id="holder"></div>
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You should be using event.currentTarget instead of event.target - this will give you the element you attached the listener to rather than the element that received the event. So your position will be calculated relative to the #holder element.

Since you are using jQuery this should work in Internet Explorer as well (jQuery apparently emulates event.currentTarget there). Other IE compatibility hacks (window.event and event.srcElement) shouldn't be required either.

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Thanks! That does the trick. –  The Code Buccaneer May 23 '12 at 7:30

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