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I am looking into methods to introduce push technology to my JSF web application. I am currently serving this need using JavaScript polling and this is too costly for a serious web application.

I've read about some possible options but I don't want to limit my answers to these since I am not sure how good they are so I will not name them.

I am running on top of Tomcat 6, JSF 2.0 and using jQuery on the client Side.


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PrimeFaces <p:push> uses websockets. This only requires Jetty running next to Tomcat on a different port, because Jetty supports websockets natively (Tomcat 6 doesn't). See chapter 6 of User's Guide for detailed explanation. Another alternative is ICEfaces Ajax Push.

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You might want to check out Lightstreamer ( http://www.lightstreamer.com ). It implements an extremely optimized form of push, where the best transport is automatically chosen (WebSockets, HTTP/Comet, etc.) by the Stream-Sense algorithms. On the client-side, you get a number of libraries, including JavaScript, which makes it easy to integrate push functionality into your application.

[Dislaimer: I am the CTO of Lightstreamer]

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