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I am developing an iOS app in which I am streaming .mp3 files using MPMoviePlayerController. When playing of one file completes I take next url and play the file. All works great in foreground but when I move the app to background the current song plays well but when it finishes, the method which plays the next song doesn't get executed.

I checked similar questions on stackoverflow but the solutions doesn't seem to work for me.

Any pointer in the right direction will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT :On testing the app on different devices I found that the functionality is working on iOS 5.1 but not in iOS 4.3. So I creted a sample app which plays a local file on finishing the previous one and that app does its job correctly in all versions of iOS even when in background.Its now have become more confusing for me.

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I couldn't do it using MPMoviePlayerController.

Finally used AudioStreamer.

My app is working fine now.

Thanks Matt!

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