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I'm building a website in the UK to show local businesses of a certain type. The user puts their postcode in and it will show a list, and also a Google Map with markers, of business near them. Am I allowed to do this? In their terms there is one condition I'm not clear on.

10.2 (b) No Business, Residential, or Telephone Listings Services. You must not display any of the business listings Content provided by the Maps API(s) in any Maps API Implementation that has the primary purpose of making available business, residential address, or telephone directory listings.

Isn't that the whole point of using Google Places though? To show local business information?

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SO is not a lawyer

Technical questions have been moved to SO. Non-technical questions are probably best asked in the Google Group for Version 3.

[I have answered such questions here in the past. Mea culpa.]

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I think I just need to get a lawyer. I can't find an answer to this at Google. In fact, some posts there advise to ask over here. –  Web Assistant May 23 '12 at 16:43

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