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Consider following entry in my mongo collection.

  "id" : "_0001",
  "map" : {
            "foo" : 1

Now i need to add an entry to inside map. like

  "id" : "_0001",
  "map" : {
            "foo" : 1,
            "bar" : 2,

map is not a list so i cannot use $push there. Is there any way of doing this in mongo. And also I'm accessing the database via casbah. Please note down the casbah codes if you can.

NOTE:- map should not be a list

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possible duplicate of Updating nested documents in mongodb – McGarnagle May 23 '12 at 8:05
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Have you tried:

db.test.update({ _id : "_0001"}, { $set : { "" : 2}})
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