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I wanted to know what are the different parameters to call a WCFService with VBA ? I've found this :

Dim addr As String
addr = "service:mexAddress=""net.http://y000zvk:7878/_vti_bin/Services/RetrieveList.svc/mex"","
addr = addr + "address=""net.http://y000zvk:7878/_vti_bin/Services/RetrieveList.svc/mex"","
addr = addr + "contract=""ServiceReference1.RetrieveList"", contractNamespace=""http://test.com"","
addr = addr + "binding=""basicHttpBinding"",bindingNamespace=""http://tempuri.org/"""

Dim service1 As Object
Set service1 = GetObject(addr)

MsgBox service1.GetSiteTitle()

But I don't really know what to pu in the contract, binding, binding Namespace parameters. I've created my WCF Services with C# and this is my app.config endpoint :

        <endpoint address="http://y000zvk:7878/_vti_bin/Services/RetrieveList.svc"
            binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="BasicHttpBinding_RetrieveList"
            contract="ServiceReference1.RetrieveList" name="BasicHttpBinding_RetrieveList" />

Do you have any ideas how i can call my web service ? For information when i'm in debug mode i get this error :

The MetadataExchangeClient instance could not be initialized because no Binding is available for scheme 'net.http'. You can supply a Binding in the constructor, or specify a configurationName. Parameter name: scheme

Thanks by advance

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instead of net.http -> use http

I'm assuming you've edited a net.tcp:// address and replaced only half the scheme?

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Hey, thanks for the help, Yes it was that :). Anyway i'm using another solution for my problem, but thanks ;) – Thoma Biguères May 23 '12 at 11:47
not a problem, cheers! – Chris May 23 '12 at 12:18

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