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I'm trying to load a video stream provided by a 3rd party into my site. The file linking to the stream is provided as a js file and simply writes out document.write('iframe code...'). As the stream is domain protected so the js file has to be referenced.

This lead me to the $.ajax / dataType: script and $.getScript options. The following leaves the target div blank

$.ajaxSetup ({
    cache: false

var stream = 'http://live.streamsupplier.com/se8ilyjs/'; 
        url: stream,
        dataType: "script",
        success: function(data) {
            alert('Load was performed.');

Any ideas would be most welcome.

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You are falling foul of the Same Origin Policy because the URL your are requesting is external from your site. You will need to use a server-side proxy to get the script, and then call this local URL from your jQuery code to insert the script.

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