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Question is about MySQL/PostgreSQL table structure and Kohana ORM.

How to make a ORM Model in Kohana so I can get/set single/multiple details by "detail_id"?

I want to make list of details for "cars". For detail values there are 4 or more data types (integers, strings, floats, booleans). I didn't find a better and effective way than storing them in separate tables by data type.

"details" table contains list of possible detail types; there is a detail title (for example: price, color, manufacturer, model, year) and detail value's data type. All detail values are put into separate tables by the datatype.

I hope that the structure is understandable enough:

"details" {
  detail_id (int)
  datatype (enum["integer", "string", "float", "boolean"])
  title (string)

"cars" {
  car_id (int)

"car_detail_integers" {
  car_id (int)
  detail_id (int)
  value (int)

"car_detail_strings" {
  car_id (int)
  detail_id (int)
  value (string)

...other car_detail_(datatype) tables...

This is how the query could look like when user would search for a car:

SELECT * FROM cars ca
JOIN car_detail_integers de1 ON de1.car_id = ca.id
JOIN car_detail_integers de2 ON de2.car_id = ca.id
JOIN car_detail_strings de3 ON de3.car_id = ca.id
WHERE de1.value = 7 -- an option number for enumerated list of car manufacturers
AND (de2.value >= 1000 AND de2.value <= 5000) -- price between 1000$ and 5000$
AND de3.value = 'London' -- city

There must be integer values for effective and fast price comparison!

If I did make only one "car_details" table with "value" column type VARCHAR and then do a type casting, the performance would be bad...

-- This query, I think, will have very poor performance
SELECT * FROM cars ca
JOIN car_details de
WEHRE (CAST(de.value AS SIGNED) >= 1000 AND CAST(de.value AS SIGNED) <= 5000)
-- the rest of query...
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You can store car detail values as string and then convert into correct type using datatype field. There is no need for separated tables. – biakaveron May 23 '12 at 10:58
No, there is need for that - performance! When you search a car, you look for details - how many doors, manufacturer, is there a ABS... Casting to another datatype just for comparison is slow. – Taai May 23 '12 at 11:39

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