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I am using C# 2.0 and I have below xml format (it is just a sample) and got loaded in XPathDocument xmlData;

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<WorldwideSites>Worldwide sites</WorldwideSites>
<region code="global" title="Global">
<site defaultLanguage="en" id="tcm:0-233-1" url="/english" countryCode="" title="" order="1">
<language code="en" pubId="tcm:0-233-1" countrylang="en-GB">English</language>
<region code="NSAM" title="North &amp; South America">
<site defaultLanguage="es" id="tcm:0-520-1" url="/ar/spanish" countryCode="AR" title="Argentina">
<language code="es" pubId="tcm:0-520-1" countrylang="es-AR" >Español</language>
<language code="en" pubId="tcm:0-447-1" countrylang="en-AR" >English</language>
<region code="EU" title="Europe">
<site defaultLanguage="de" id="tcm:0-336-1" url="/at/german" countryCode="AT" title="Austria">
<language code="de" pubId="tcm:0-336-1" countrylang="de-AT" >Deutsch</language>
<language code="en" pubId="tcm:0-337-1" countrylang="en-AT" >English</language>

Now I want to create a C# 2.0 function which will take this XML as input and will return back a multidimensional array or arraylist

ArrayList xmldata = new ArrayList();
xmldata[0][0] will be ["233"]["en-GB"] //a middle part of pubId attribute
xmldata[1][1] will be ["520"]["es-AR"] //attribute value of countrylang
and so on

Or suggest the best approach

Please suggest!!


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Implemented below solution for above problem. Please suggest for any changes.

 public ArrayList GetPubIDAndCountryLangFromSitesXML(XPathDocument xPathDoc)
            ArrayList retArr = new ArrayList();

            XPathNavigator navigator = xPathDoc.CreateNavigator();
            if (navigator != null)
                foreach (XPathNavigator navdata in navigator.Select("sitedata/region/site/language"))
                    string[] str = new string[2];
                    string pubid = navdata.SelectSingleNode("@pubId").Value;
                    string clang = navdata.SelectSingleNode("@countrylang").Value;
                    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(pubid) && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(clang))
                        str[0] = pubid.Split('-')[1];
                        str[1] = clang;
                        if (pubid != "481")
            return retArr;
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