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I have a working private Gitorious server. Under project my_proj I created two repositories my_repo1 and my_repo2. I would like to delete the later repository but can't seem to find how to do it.

The repository's owner is +my_group (through ~my_user) and I am an admin in this group.

How can I delete the repository?


  • When I click on my_repo2 I don't have a an 'Edit Repository' option even though I'm an admin in my_group
  • I just upgraded from Gitorious 2.1.0 to 2.2.1 and the problem persists
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There is a python script called gmkrepo to create and delete a repo from command line. This can be helpful to you.

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Go to my_proj.

You would see my_repo1 and my_repo2 listed there.

Click on my_repo2 or the repo that you want to delete.

Click Edit Repository, and on the Right Hand side you would see delete repository. Click it and confirm, should work.

Hope that helps.

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When I click on my_repo2 I don't have a Edit Repository even though I'm an admin in my_group –  Jonathan May 23 '12 at 17:45

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