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I have installed AppFabric on server and I want multiple instances to point to the cache. So I created named cache for each instance and pointed app to these caches.

Now I want to clear cache of a specific named cache. But I didn't found any command secific for this. All Microsoft provides is 'Restart-CacheCluster'. I cant use this option as this will clear all named cache.

Is there any way i can restart/clear specific named cache??

After using ClearRegion

On using ClearRegion method, it is not clearing all the stats, it just clears the item count. So will it harm anyway?

enter image description here

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See my previous answer for a method of creating a Flush method for a cache.

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I tried this but its not clearing all the stats. Attached screenshot for same –  Sunil Agarwal May 23 '12 at 17:30

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