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Just getting up to speed with YAML and want to confirm whether it's possible to utilise its anchor (&) and reference (*) functionality across separate files or separate documents within one file. For example, for the latter:

--- # Document A
Lunch: &lunch01     # Already thinking of lunch ;-)
    - BBQ Chicken
    - Sirloin Steak
    - Roast Beef
    - Salmon

--- # Document B
Monday:    *lunch01
Tuesday:   closed
Wednesday: *lunch01
Thursday:  closed
Friday:    *lunch01

(Apologies if my syntax is incorrect, still trying to convert across from thinking in terms of arrays and dictionaries.)

Does this work? Or would I go about this by merging the data within my programming language of choice at run time?

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I am not an expert on YAML, but from my experience, this doesn't work. I am using PyYAML, and the parser throws an error when reaching the reference, complaining about an "undefined alias".

So you will have to merge the data at runtime.

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It appears that you're right, reading into this post backs it up somewhat. – user577537 Jun 18 '12 at 11:17

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