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Has anyone out there got a good set of instructions for building/compiling Ruby from source of windows XP ?

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See update - try out the steps and see if it works for you. – Gishu Jun 17 '09 at 7:13
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I normally get a binary installable for windows.. much faster if you just need Ruby installed. But you may be modifying ruby source.. anyways..

Update: I ended up compiling Ruby from source today... here is what worked for me http://madcoderspeak.blogspot.com/2009/06/how-to-compile-ruby-from-source-on.html

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Luis Lavena maintains the Ruby One-Click installer binaries. His blogs and postings on Ruby Forum are definitely the place to start.

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I would agree that the binary distrubtion is your best bet for Ruby on Windows, however, like Gishu mentioned, you may be modifying it a bit. If that's the case I would build it from source with Cygwin. This will give you the familiar tool set for building software from source.

However the following thread at Ruby Forum seems to have a very active discussion on building Ruby in Windows using Microsoft's Visual C++ toolkit with some other .NET additions.

Good luck!

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