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I have defined some events when input textbox has got focus and some task to perform when focus is removed. I am also using iscroll4 but textbox is out of the scroller. My problem is when textbox gets focus and i click on the iscroll area the foucs from textbox is not going. But if i click on area outside iscroll the foucs is removing from the textbox. I am not understand why clicking on the iscroll region does not remove the focus whereas click events work. I have defined the blur event. Please help what to do.

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I am using iscroll4 and in the iscroll.js file there is the following event defined :

onBeforeScrollStart: function (e) {
    if (e.preventDefault) {

I commented the e.preventDefault line and it worked for me. This was basically preventing the blur event to fire when i clicked on the iscroll region because this is the first event that iscroll fires when it receives any mouse down event.

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