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$str1='<option value="AAA">AAA</option><option value="BBB">BBB</option><option value="CCC">CCC</option>';

$str2='<option value="CCC">CCC</option><option value="DDD">DDD</option>';

I would like the expected result as following. If some part of $str2 which is duplicated with part of $str1, then removing the duplicated part of $str2.

Expected result:

$expectedStr = '<option value="DDD">DDD</option>';

Can anyone help me?

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var str1='<option value="AAA">AAA</option><option value="BBB">BBB</option><option value="CCC">CCC</option>',
    str2='<option value="CCC">CCC</option><option value="DDD">DDD</option>',

    result = str2.replace(/<option .+?<\/option>/g, function(m) {
        return (str1.indexOf(m) > -1)? "" : m;

console.log(result); //returns <option value="DDD">DDD</option>

(here I'm supposing you want to check for "atomic" substring <option>...</option>)

Example fiddle:

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