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I have an ObservableColection totalsCol and want to retrieve an object whose id matches the specified id. I coded as :

IEnumerable<Totals> ie = totalsCol.Where(a => a.IdCTS == ct1.TOR_Id);
 if (ie.Count() > 1)
    // Update the TotalCts of Totals object
    ie.ElementAt(0).TotalCTS = ct1.TotalCts;

I get ie.count as null. Whereas it has 3 records. And on debugging, I can see that under Source of base.

Where am I wrong here ? I beleive the way am updating the the value with ie.ElementAt will reflect changes in totalsCol observableCollection.

Kindly help me out.

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I implemented :

totalsCol.First(a => a.IdCTS == ct1.TOR_Id);

and solved the issue.

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