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I'm trying to create a behavior which adds 2 new fields to content types to which it is applied, but I'd like those fields to have a custom subform on the add/edit forms for content types it is added to. Is there any straightforward way to do this as part of the behavior?

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You can use a fieldset inside your schema

from plone.directives import form
class IMyBehaviorSchema(form.Schema):

    form.fieldset('myfieldset', label=u"My Behavior fieldset",
                  fields=['firstfieldname', 'secondfieldname'])

to display your additional fields with Plone form tabbing enabled. See Dexterity manual for further information

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Sorry, this isn't what I meant by subform. I mean a z3c.form subform with its own template, as described here: packages.python.org/z3c.form/subform.html –  mitchellrj May 23 '12 at 14:53

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