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I'm trying to wrap the results of a query with a class called QueryResultViewModel from a list of dynamic objects retrieved by LINQ. These contain a integer field called Worked. I should not use a non-dynamic type because depending on the query it has other fields. I tried that:

    var query = new HoursQuery( .. parameters .. );
    this.Result = new ObservableCollection<QueryResultViewModel>(
      query.Execute().Select( x => new QueryResultViewModel( x.Worked )));

But I got "'object' does not contain a definition for 'Worked'" and I don't know If it can be fixed without changing query's return type.

The Execute code may be useful too:

    var res = some_list.GroupBy(a => new { a.Employee, a.RelatedTask, a.Start.Month })
       .Select(g => new { K = g.Key, Worked = g.Sum(s => s.Duration.TotalHours) });

EDIT: This worked great but maybe it's not very elegant.

    public class HQueryDTO
        public double Worked;
        public object K;

    public IEnumerable<dynamic> Execute()
        var list = base.Execute();
        return res = list.GroupBy(a => new { a.Employee, a.RelatedTask } )
          .Select(g => new HQueryDTO { K = g.Key, Worked = g.Sum(s => s.Duration.TotalHours) });

Now that the result has a type it can be returned dynamic.

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I'm assuming you get that error at compile-time, in which case simply introduce dynamic via a cast:

.Select(x => new QueryResultViewModel( ((dynamic)x).Worked ))
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Nope. The error is runtime trying to access worked. I can't yet answer my own questions but I edit it with new info. – David Fornas May 23 '12 at 10:42

I assume that the signature of Execute is something like object Execute(). If you return dynamic, it should work.

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The signature is IEnumerable<dynamic> so it should work – David Fornas May 23 '12 at 10:51

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