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i have a list of images i add an icon button to remove the image when it was selected, what code must i put to remove the content image i create a folder of pic called Images

List<Data> datasource = new List<Data>() 
            new Data()
            {Text = "Chrysanthemum",ImageUri= "/Ima/Chrysanthemum.jpg"},
            new Data()
            {Text="Desert", ImageUri="/Ima/Desert.jpg"},
            new Data()
            {Text="Hydrangeas", ImageUri="/Ima/Hydrangeas.jpg"},
            new Data()
            {Text="Jellyfish", ImageUri="/Ima/Jellyfish.jpg"},
            new Data()
            new Data()
            {Text="Lighthouse", ImageUri ="/Ima/Lighthouse.jpg"},
            new Data()
            new Data()
        this.listBox.ItemsSource = datasource;

     private void delete_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
       if (listbox.selectedItem!= null)

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I don't get clear whet you need. But If you need remove item from list:

  1. Make datasource as ObservableCollection and set it as member of class.
  2. Remove item from datasource

If you need just remove image from item.

  1. Take Data item from selectedItem
  2. Set ImageUri null. (Data should implement INotifyPropertyChange. or it should inherit from DependencyObject and ImageUri should be DependencyProperty)

but to my mind you should use there Triggers for solve it.

i create a folder of pic called Images

I didn't get it. what do you need exactly?

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i would like to create a list of picture gallery and when the picture is selected i remove the pic selected from this list – Rochdi Dadci May 23 '12 at 12:28
so use first approach – RredCat May 23 '12 at 12:41

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