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Is it possible to know where a file which is created by

ApplicationContext.openFileOutput(filename, Context.MODE_WORLD_READABLE);

get stored? I dont need any java code to print me the path, that should be getFileStreamPath(filename), i just need the default storage location for such files. i didnt find any helpful things in the javadoc of android

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You have accepted the wrong answer : see stackoverflow.com/questions/4926027/…. You must accept the answer by @JosephusVillarey. Please do - that's only confusing – Mr_and_Mrs_D May 6 '13 at 15:58
data > data > your app id > files ex: /data/data/com.example/files/--myfile.dat-- – YumYumYum Aug 2 '13 at 3:03
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see this page : http://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/Environment.html You can get some path to directory.

I think, if you try to use directly ApplicationContext.openFileOutput(filename, Context.MODE_WORLD_READABLE);, the file will be create at the root of the phone, but I'm not sure, or in the /data.

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Confusing answer - see : stackoverflow.com/questions/4926027/… – Mr_and_Mrs_D May 6 '13 at 15:58

If you have a rooted phone, have a look at /data/data. There will be a folder with your package name with all your files you've saved.

But you will need root an a root explorer to watch these files.

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If you call getFilesDir() and iterate through it, you can compare the filename string you used with openFileOutput to create the exact path for that file.

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Better follow Guillaume's answer and check Environment for what is the current location. Because openFileOutput is part of the Context class it changes based on the base context currently used. For example, during testing you can be given a RenamingDelegatingContext which overrides openFileOutput by renaming the files and can place them anywhere desired.

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