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Hi I'm a complete newbie to json. I'm trying to parse a json file into a web page just like explained in this thread.........

Very basic JSON question

However my json file is a large list of contacts that are not in an array like 'people' in the above example. instead the first 6 lines of my json file are like the following.

{ "first_name": "Tom", "last_name": "Moore", "phone": "123456", "email": "tom@abc.ie" }
{ "first_name": "Fred", "last_name": "Power", "phone": "197412", "email": "fred@abc.ie" }
{ "first_name": "Ann", "last_name": "Doyle", "phone": "836547", "email": "ann@abc.ie" }
{ "first_name": "Phil", "last_name": "Jones", "phone": "927481", "email": "phil@abc.ie" }
{ "first_name": "Jane", "last_name": "Ross", "phone": "993377", "email": "jane@abc.ie" }
{ "first_name": "Tom", "last_name": "Moore", "phone": "123456", "email": "tom@abc.ie" }

How can I loop through them to display like in the above thread? Many thanks in advance.

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You can read the file, line by line, and add them to an array. This way will give you the 'people array' and you will able to loop through it effortless. –  Wilk May 23 '12 at 11:09

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Your json is invalid. It needs square brackets around the outside, and commas between items. It should be:

    { "first_name": "Tom", "last_name": "Moore", "phone": "123456", "email": "tom@abc.ie" },
    { "first_name": "Fred", "last_name": "Power", "phone": "197412", "email": "fred@abc.ie" },
    { "first_name": "Ann", "last_name": "Doyle", "phone": "836547", "email": "ann@abc.ie" },
    { "first_name": "Phil", "last_name": "Jones", "phone": "927481", "email": "phil@abc.ie" },
    { "first_name": "Jane", "last_name": "Ross", "phone": "993377", "email": "jane@abc.ie" },
    { "first_name": "Tom", "last_name": "Moore", "phone": "123456", "email": "tom@abc.ie" }

$.getJSON handles the json parsing for you - just do:

$.getJSON('/url/of/the/json/file', function(people) {
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this is not json format then, so you won't be able to handle it with functions that are for json. I would suggest to use a lib/function on the server side to create correct json output, then it'll be much easier to use it in the client side as well.

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var t = eval('[{ "first_name": "Tom", "last_name": "Moore", "phone": "123456", "email": "tom@abc.ie" },{ "first_name": "Fred", "last_name": "Power", "phone": "197412", "email": "fred@abc.ie" },{ "first_name": "Ann", "last_name": "Doyle", "phone": "836547", "email": "ann@abc.ie" },{ "first_name": "Phil", "last_name": "Jones", "phone": "927481", "email": "phil@abc.ie" },{ "first_name": "Jane", "last_name": "Ross", "phone": "993377", "email": "jane@abc.ie" },{ "first_name": "Tom", "last_name": "Moore", "phone": "123456", "email": "tom@abc.ie" }]');

for (i in t) {
var data = t[i];
  for (k in data) {
    alert(k+" >> "+data[k])

you can get "k" as key and "data[k]" as value.

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an object literal is not JSON. –  Alnitak May 23 '12 at 11:14
then you can use eval function. –  JDev May 23 '12 at 11:24
oh please god no - never - ever - use eval to parse JSON - use the built-in parser or a decent quality shim. –  Alnitak May 23 '12 at 11:27
you can use any parser to parse json, this is just example. –  JDev May 23 '12 at 11:30
in any event you haven't explained why the OPs "json" was wrong. –  Alnitak May 23 '12 at 11:34

As already mentioned your JSON is not valid, if in doubt you can always check:

http://jsonlint.com/ or http://json.parser.online.fr/

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